Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Omega Point Theory and anti-Semitism


Jewish date:  26 Tishri 5770 (Parashath Bere’shith).

Worthy causes of the day:  “Stop Inappropriate Antibiotic Use on Industrial Farms” and “Protect America's Oceans and Great Lakes!

Topic 1:  “Computers Faster Only for 75 More Years”.  The upshot of this article is that it appears that there is a fundamental limit as to how fast computers can possibly run.  How is this possibly relevant to religious fallacies and misconceptions?  Because if correct, then it dooms a fringe theological hypothesis (and arguably pseudoscientific hypothesis) known as the Omega Point Theory of Frank J. Tipler.  The Omega Point Theory claims that our Universe will eventually collapse in on itself (the Big Crunch).  But Tipler makes this bleak outcome into something positive.  He claims that the Universe will end with a computer-civilization.  Though the Universe does collapse after a finite duration in real time, in the simulation running inside the computer-civilization space can be as large as the inhabitants wish (if it has any meaning at all), and so long as the computer can keep working faster and faster, experienced time can be infinite.  This is where the cited article comes in:  there is only so fast a computer can possibly work, no matter what technology is used.  As such, even if the Universe does end with a computer-civilization, the computer civilization will only be able to increase its clock speed so far, which means its inhabitants will eventually experience an end.  To all those who hoped for eternal life in our Universe, sorry.

Topic 2:  “BBC: Downplaying Sderot's Suffering”:  An analysis of one-sidedness in anti-Semitism.