Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Was Jesus a European?


Jewish date:  28 Kislew 5770 (Parashath MiqQeṣ).

Today’s holidays:  Day 4 of Ḥanukkah (Judaism), Tuesday of the Third Week of Advent (Roman Catholicism).

Topic 1:  “Guardian Ed: "In Israel They Murder Each Other a Great Deal"”.  This deals with more anti-Semitism in the British press, in this case an outrageous fantastic claim about the Israel Defense Forces.

Topic 2:  “Black nativity angers Italy's "White Xmas" party”.  This is on a weird sort of pickiness about the depiction of Jesus.  Christianity has sought to be a universal religion.  To symbolize that Christianity is relevant to everyone, historically Christians have depicted people in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament as if they lived in present conditions, i.e., Jesus in Europe has been depicted as if he were European.  This is despite Jesus not being really European.  There is therefore no reason for anyone to get angry over a black Jesus, as he is just as relevant to blacks as whites.

Topic 3:  To end on some humor, I present “The Maccabee Song” and “Eight Days of Fire”.

Peace and happy Ḥanukkah.