Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Islamic terrorism and communion on the Moon


Jewish date:  24 ’Adhar 5770 (Parashath Wayyaqhel-Fequdhe).

Today’s holidays:  Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent (Roman Catholicism), Feast of Israel Regardie (Thelema).

Worthy cause of the day:

Topic 1:  There is no way I am going to escape this, since it was on the news yesterday:  “Pa. woman charged with recruiting jihadists”.  This article deals with Colleen LaRose, an American convert to Islam who became involved with terrorists.  One of the things said in this article struck me as notable:

The case "demonstrates that terrorists are looking for Americans to join them in their cause, and it shatters any lingering thought that we can spot a terrorist based on appearance," U.S. Attorney Michael Levy said.
What was so great about LaRose (so far as Islamic terrorists were concerned) is that she looks like an ordinary American, thus reducing intuitive suspicion of her activities.  Apologists for Islamic terrorism have complained that being suspicious of Muslims of Middle Eastern descent is racist.  Indeed, I have heard of a few incidents of hostility against Middle Eastern-looking people (Syrian Jews, Sikhs) by some Americans who did not have the knowledge or good sense to be able to distinguish from Muslims.  But Mr. Levy has a point:  suspicion against Muslims is not about race.  Islam is the most pro-terror of all the major religions, and it makes sense for non-Muslims to be cautious of Muslims, regardless of what they look like.

I also keep running across this video a lot lately:  “British Islamist Anjem Choudary: They Give US Money, But We Attack Their System”:

Anjem Choudary, interviewed in this video, is an apologist for Islam terrorism and seeks to implement shari‘ah in the United Kingdom.  Interesting is his claim that under such a system the monarchy would be eradicated, which is odd since Muslim countries are highly autocratic, including the Kingdom of Jordan.  Also interesting is that he identifies un-Islamic ideals, such as “freedom” and “democracy”, with idolatry; I hope this is a metaphor, though as a metaphor it has gotten very stale.  Choudary seems to think that everything would be rosy and wonderful under shari‘ah in the UK; please note that countries which implement shari‘ah are not noted for freedom or respect for humanity.

Topic 2:  “Communion on the Moon”:  Just a little historical article I ran across lately.  I had been aware of one of the astronauts transmitting back a reading of the opening of Genesis on the Apollo 8 mission, but I had no idea that Buzz Aldrin took communion on the Moon.

Topic 3:  For today’s religious humor:  Yet another LOLcat picture featuring Basement Cat:  “And what”:
funny pictures of cats with captions

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