Monday, September 27, 2010

An open letter to Fox on Glee


Jewish date:  19 Tishri 5771 (Parashath Bere’shith).

Today’s holidays:  Ḥol hamMo‘edh Sukkoth (Judaism), Feast Day of Vincent de Paul (Roman Catholicism), Feast Day of St Hieronymous Bosch (Church of the SubGenius), Feast of Cosmus and Damianus (Thelema).

Worthy cause of the day:  “Stand Up for Veterans - They Stood Up for Us - The Petition Site”.

Today’s topic:  I have received an anonymous open letter from someone wishing to complain about anti-Semitism in the latest episode of Glee, “Audition”, which you can see here courtesy of Hulu:

The open letter is addressed to the heads of the Fox Broadcasting Company, who are responsible for Glee.  A copy is being sent to  Others who are likewise offended may also wish to E-mail Fox and ask others to do so.  While the author of the letter apparently has issues with rudeness and may need a values overhaul, she does make points worth noting.  So without further adieu…

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Hey, network pinheads!  Listen up!
I realize Fox is below the bottom of the barrel for television.  Not your fault.  Maybe if you had some decent shows.  The Simpsons?  That’s been going on for, what, fifty years and Bart’s still in the fourth grade?  Time to move on.  How about American Idol?  That’s an idea, throw a spotlight the tone-deaf losers of America.  Nice job ripping off The Gong Show.  Let’s not forget Fox News.  You know it’s bad when you get better information ripping open an cat and looking at its entrails, or even watching E!.   “News Corp.”  Don't make me laugh, as if your comedies could.
Plenty of shows on Fox make me so gut-wrenchingly nauseous that I’d rather sit through twelve of those “fill-in-the-blank movie” movies than an hour of that channel, but one is so odious that I would sooner turn on the Disney Channel.  That’s right, that program is Glee, that quirky little show about singing teens too lame to be in the chess club and their deluded advisor with more grease in his hair than the BP oil slick.  Sure, it’s all boys and girls, blacks and whites and none-of-the aboves, including the one openly gay kid to show how progressive they are.  Yay for you.  And I suppose if you hire a black janitor for your white-filled office that makes you Martin Luther King.  (That’s right, Glenn, I’m talking to you.)  Sad story is, Glee is just the same mess of prejudice and hate that the news department is.
Maybe none of the kids openly worship Hilter or spout like Mel Gibson, but when was the last time anyone claimed they were a hate-filled bigot?  Let’s take the treatment of Jews on this show.  Traditional kicking boys of history, Fox continues this noble tradition in how they treat the major Jewish characters:
  • Rachel Berry:  Chief diva of the glee club, this trampy little tease changes boyfriends more often than her panties.  She arrives, drama follows, disaster ensues, any episode.  Watch out, Stephen Hawking, she’ll be calling you to register as center of the universe.
  • Noah “Puck” Puckerman:  Here’s a prize, some meathead bully whose hair wasn’t even stylish when Mr. T had it.  First he’s too stupid to wrap it before he tapped it, and when his loser girlfriend got pregnant, he wasn’t even man enough to take the credit.  Did I mention this punk is a reverse-cougar who joined an a-capella group just to bed older women?  While he claims he knows “what it means to be a Jew,” I’d put down cash that even al-Qaeda knows that better than he does.
  • Jacob Ben Israel:  Sleeze-in-charge of the school paper who engages in gutter journalism.  The second season opened with him doing an online smear piece on the glee club’s “gay summer,” carrying a microphone labeled in blue-on-white with his initials in Hebrew-styled letters and a Star of David.  And his name is “Jacob Ben Israel.”  That’s as subtle as a drunk Irishman named “Patrick O’Malley” who’s a rapist.
This doesn’t include the lying little hussy Tina Cohen-Chang of unknown religion, the one with the suggestive name and horrible outfits.  No one’s saying Jews should all be perfect, but when you go this far to drag a group through the mud, you got to wonder.  Any time one of the little nitwits starts to look almost decent, along come the writers to knock them down a peg.  Maybe they’re a little unkind to all of these losers one way or another, but week after week, Jews seem to be singled out for this special kind of treatment.  Someone, of course, may point out that writer, creator, and executive producer Brad Falchuk is supposed to be Jewish.  Big deal.  Since when couldn’t Uncle Toms come in any color?
Do I really care about the Jews?  Of course not.  I’m against all wastes of skin, regardless of persuasion.  But in this day and age?  Old hat, cliché.  You think you’re being edgy or cool, but you’re as obviously bigoted as a Michael Bay film.  Should I choose to waste my time listening to heavily processed music and narrow-minded prejudice, I’ll do it at a old-folks’ home on karaoke night when I can skip the commercials.
And that’s how I see it.

Peace, and don’t let Fox bite.

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