Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quantico should be cancelled

Jewish date:  5 ’Adhar Sheni 5776 (Parashath Wayyiqra’).

Today’s holidays:  Bahá’í Month of Fasting, Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent (Roman Catholicism), Feast Day of St. Edward G. Wood (Church of the SubGenius), Bacchanalia (Roman Religion).


When I first saw promos for Quantico, I thought the show was nothing worthy of attention.  However, since then, accusations have been made of the show being anti-Semitic, e.g., “Major Jewish Group Demands ABC Cancel ‘Quantico’ for ‘Vicious Defamation of Jews, Israel and the IDF’”.  The Zionist Organization of America even compiled a long list of anti-Semitism and apologetics for Islamic terrorism in the show, ending it with urging readers to complain to the network responsible, ABC.  In the name of fairness, I have watched Quantico (all 12 episodes which as of this writing can be viewed by someone who is not currently paying on Hulu), and the accusations are completely true.    As I do not believe I can reasonably write a better review than the Zionist Organization of America’s, I refer my readers to their “ZOA: ABC’s Anti-Semitic Terrorism Soap-Opera “Quantico” Defames Jews & Israel, Should Be Cancelled” and urge them to follow their instructions to complain to ABC.

To the people at ABC, who are going to get a copy of this:  Quantico deserves to be cancelled.  I realize it is a piece of fiction, but in this fiction lies are presented as if they are fact.  Lies are not harmless.  These lies condemn the innocent and exculpate the guilty.  Sadly, people do believe things from fiction, even fiction as blatantly unrealistic as The X-Files.  And when people believe lies like those presented in Quantico, the result is unfair prejudice against Jews and a blindness towards Islamic terrorism.  Please do the right thing, cancel the show, and make the public apology you owe to Israel and the Jewish people.  Thanks in advance for your attention.