Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Humanism is now officially a religion!


Jewish date:  19 Siwan 5770 (Parashath Shelaḥ).

Today’s holidays:  Feast Day of Justin (Roman Catholicism), Feast Day of St. Daniel Boone (Church of the SubGenius).

Worthy causes of the day:  “Too extreme even for FOX.”, “Take Action: Take action for human rights!”, “Demand transparency in Wall Street reform negotiations.”, “Working Families » Take Action!”, “PETITION TO CONGRESS: Save Net Neutrality! | Progressive Change Campaign Committee”, “Repower America | Tell BP: Spill the Truth!”, and “Tell EPA: Take away BP's billions in federal contracts”.

Pardon me if this seems abbreviated, but Blogger malfunctioned, and I had to redo a lot of this.

Topic 1:  “Humanists join Hertfordshire Police chaplaincy team”.  Humanism is now effectively a religion, at least in the United Kingdom.  Non-religions do not have chaplains.

Topic 2:  More religious persecution:  “Egyptian Convert Endures Life at a Standstill – on the Run”, “Muslim Youths in Nigeria Destroy Church Buildings, Pastor’s Home”, “Second Wave of Deportations Hits Foreign Christians in Morocco”, and “Nigeria: 6 dead in religion-fueled violence in Jos”.  So much for Islam being the “religion of peace”.

Topic 3:  “How Islamists Came to Dominate European Islam” discusses how Europe and the USA got into the habit of trying to ally themselves to Islamists.  Needless to say, this approach has never worked.

Topic 4:  For today’s religious humor: “DEMON KITTEN FOUNDZ GAITWAY 2 NETHERWURLDZ”:
I had no idea the netherworld could be reached through a hole in a dashboard…


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