Monday, June 28, 2010

More on Mort


Jewish date:  16 Tammuz 5770 (Parashath Pineḥas).

Today’s holidays:  Feast Day of Irenaeus (Roman Catholicism), Feast Day of St. Carlos Castaneda (Church of the SubGenius).

Worthy cause of the day:  BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  I have now scheduled a pilot trip to Israel for the second half of August.  My plans for immigrating to Israel are progressing (thank YHWH), and I hope to report on religion over there.  Now I have to do further work on the details of the trip and ultimate immigration…

Topic 1:  More on Mort (The Discworld Series, book 4), and I cannot believe I overlooked this.  As Mort takes over Death’s duties and Death’s attributes, he becomes “more real”.  He becomes more solid and less susceptible to influence.  He even can notice the interface between the two realities in Sto Lat, while everyone else is oblivious to it.  This may reflect a limit to the power of belief in the Discworld.  While belief can reshape reality, it seems to have no power over Death.  No one so far has believed their way to immortality in the sense of their material body remaining intact and functioning; the best they have done is to become ghosts.  Death is fated to be the last being in existence, and being the final fate of everything, no matter what, it is arguably “more real” than anything else.

Topic 2:  For today’s religious humor: “Basement Cat”:
funny pictures of cats with captions


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