Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beware of Sheldon’s wrath


Jewish date:  26 Shevaṭ 5770 (Parashath Mishpaṭim).

Today’s holidays:  Feast of Scholastica (Roman Catholicism), Feast of Haralambos the Holy Martyr (Greek Orthodox Catholicism).

Worthy cause of the day:  “Urgent Request”.

Topic 1:  I am kicking myself over not remembering Monday night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory yesterday, despite its interesting New Testament references.  In this episode, Leonard is chosen to get a free trip for himself and a guest to visit the CERN Supercollider, and he decides to to take his girlfriend Penny.  However, Sheldon notes that his friendship contract with Leonard clearly specifies that should Leonard ever get a free trip to the CERN Supercollider, he has to take Sheldon.  (The friendship contract was Sheldon’s idea.  His thinking is very strange and is an endless source of plots.  But I digress.)  Sheldon is angry that Leonard refuses to live up to the contract and claims that Leonard is worse than a number of infamous historical traitors, including Judas Iscariot.  This last comparison is emphasized later in the episode when they are in a cafeteria:  Sheldon places a tray on the table in front of Leonard containing [[dramatic pause]] 30 pieces of silverware.  (I am still laughing over this one.  Those of you who do not get the joke have some reading to do…)  This may set a new standard gag for underfunded Passion plays everywhere.

Topic 2:  “the Joke is on Us!”  This Dry Bones cartoon deals with anti-Zionism (= anti-Semitism) claiming to be pro-Israel.

Topic 3:  For today’s religious humor (other than Sheldon’s cafeteria stunt):  “Nooooo, Basement Cat... not cut da rope!”:
Nooooo, Basement Cat...  not cut da rope!


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