Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yes, there is such a thing as a gay Orthodox rabbi


Jewish date:  20 Shevaṭ 5770 (Parashath Yithro).

Today’s holidays:  Thursday of the Fourth Week of Ordinary Time (Roman Catholicism), Imbolc (Wicca).

Worthy causes of the day:  “Take Action | Oceana North America:  Tell President Obama: No More Offshore Oil Drilling!”, “Save BioGems: Take Action: Protect Grizzly Bears”, “Include Children in HIV Vaccine Research - The Petition Site”, and “Take Action:  Fix the Budget, Fix America”.

Topic 1:  More updates on anti-Semitism:  “NPR's Self-Examination” and “Israel Releases Goldstone Response”.

Topic 2:  This ought to shock some people:  “Gay orthodox rabbi nudging Judaism”.  This article is a bit misleading.  First of all, rabbinical ordination can and has been revoked.  When I was an Yeshiva University, they taught that rabbis who took positions at “Conservative” congregations and did not turn them around or leave in a specific period of time would have their ordinations revoked.  Ordination is certification that the bearer knows what he/she is talking about and is competent; those who prove otherwise can be decertified.  Secondly, no one, including the man under discussion, Rav Steven Greenberg, is endorsing homosexual activity; such is quite unjustifiable within the boundaries of Orthodox Judaism.  Last I heard, no one really knows how anyone ends up with their sexual orientation and there is no reliable way to change it.  As such, Rav Greenberg, struggling with and exploring his situation, promotes tolerance and understanding.  This is entirely appropriate and justified; all of us are subject to temptations and desires not of our conscious choice, and it is senseless to condemn anyone simply because of what they feel.

Topic 3:  For today’s religious humor:  “the battle of good and evil gose on...... by winrar333”:
the  battle  of  good  and  evil   gose   on......


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