Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make those who wage lawfare pay dearly and bulldoze the Dome of the Rock


Jewish date:  7 ’Adhar 5770 (Parashath Teṣawweh).

Today’s holidays:  Anniversary of the death of Mosheh Rabbenu (Judaism), First Sunday of Lent (Roman Catholicism).

Worthy cause of the day:

Topic 1:  “The chilling effect of 'lawfare' litigation” by Alan Dershowitz and Elizabeth Samson.  This article deals with abuse of the law by Muslims to silence critics of Islam (“lawfare”).  The idea is not to win cases per se; rather, the point is to force critics to pay so much in court costs that effectively criticizing Islam is too costly for them to afford.  [Enter justified insult mode now.]  This is a technique of people who do not wish to play fair.  Rather than trying to prove to anyone else that their ideas are true, they try to silence the competition.  In effect, the would-be silencers admit that their ideas are without merit, because if they had any good defense to the criticisms, they would use that rather than the dishonorable technique of frivolous lawsuits.  I can only wish that the dishonorable children of camels who resort to lawfare be forced to pay the court costs of their opponents, plus pain, suffering, and damages.  [Exit justified insult mode now.]

Topic 2:  “Warning: Imminent Murder”.  Israel is supposed to be a country with freedom of religion, but on the Temple Mount Jews are blatantly discriminated against.  This article deals with recent attacks on Jews on the Temple Mount by Muslims with a warning that these are merely presage worse attacks yet to come.  The way things have worked is that Muslims do whatever they can to lord it over Jews and Israel to the extent that they are allowed.  According to Islam, Muslims are supposed to better than everyone else.  Jews have been forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount, and the Waqf has been systematically destroying everything Jewish on the Temple Mount—both in violation of Israeli law and only reinforcing the idea that Muslims are better than Jews.  If Muslims are allowed to get away with even minor attacks on Jews, this reinforces the idea that attacking Jews is OK, thus leading to worse attacks and even murder later on.  This is not acceptable behavior.  As such, I believe that under no circumstances should Muslims be allowed to treat any non-Muslims, be they Jews or non-Jews, as inferiors.  Furthermore, in order to make it sink in that Muslims have abused Israeli generosity to let them have a presence on the Temple Mount (which is Israeli territory), all Muslim structures up there should be unceremoniously demolished and sent straight to the filthiest garbage dump in the country; the Temple should then be rebuilt and sacrifices resumed as soon as possible.  Yes, I know, this is highly politically incorrect and contrary to the idea of not disturbing the status quo.  But trying to make peace with Islam by making concessions has been a dismal failure.  What the Islamic world needs to know is that there are serious consequences to their failure to live peacefully with others.  Thus rather than feeding their delusion than they are better than everyone else, we should be giving them the message that they are not.

Topic 3:  For today’s religious humor:  “Wear iz we goin…”.
funny pictures
Anyone who knows where the expression “going to Hell in a hand-basket” comes from, please let me know.


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